How to support DiscordSRV

Initial setup

Follow guide on https://docs.discordsrv.com/installation/initial-setup

Global message

To make global messages sync with discord, you don't need to do any additional steps. From version 1.1.8 we do this on your part. Only thing you might need to turn off is UseModernPaperChatEvent, but that's set on false on default, so just double check that.

UseModernPaperChatEvent: false

Channel message

To make the channels work, you need to do only one additional step, and that's to declare the discord channels in config.yml with AdvancedChat Channel ID.

  • Here is an example:

Channels: {"global": "1111111111111111111", "sc": "2222222222222222222"}
  • Here's the channels configuration in AdvancedChat:

# Chat Channels
# Permission: advancedchat.channel.join.<channel>
# Permission: advancedchat.channels to list channels using /channels command
# Permission: advancedchat.channel.autojoin.<channel name> to auto join channel on join
# Permission: advancedchat.channel.leave.<channel> to have channel leave permission

# Should player automatically join an available channel on join?
autoJoin: true

  enabled: true
  channelPrefix: "%channel_color%[%channel_name%] "
    - '<yellow>Join <gold>%channel_name%'
  click: "SUGGEST_COMMAND:!%channel_id% "
  #click: 'RUN_COMMAND:/channel join %channel_id%'

  char: '!'

  sc: #Staff chat
    name: 'Staff Chat'
    # %channel_color%
    color: "<green>"
    # Whether channel text should always be visible even when not in channel? You must have channel permission
    alwaysVisible: true
    # Only send to players in the same world
    sameWorld: false
    # Channel messages range
    # If set to 0, range won't be enabled. Set to any other number to enable.
    range: 0
    # Lowest priority will come first
    priority: 10

Make sure your DiscordSRV/config.yml file either doesn't contain or has set RespectChatPlugins to true, otherwise cancelled messages will still go through to discord

# or remove completely from config
RespectChatPlugins: true

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