đŸ’ŦChat Format

Learn how to configure chat formats.

Chat format files are located in the plugins/AdvancedChat/format directory.

Creating New Formats

To create a custom chat format, you'll need to add a new file to the plugins/AdvancedChat/format directory. This file should follow the YAML file format (.yml). You can base your new format on the provided examples or start from scratch using the guidelines below.

Permission to assign user a format: advancedchat.format.<format name>

Format File Explained

Below is an explanation of the various sections within a chat format file and how to configure them:

# Here you can configure chat formatting
# Assign format with advancedchat.format.<formatName>

# This is a default format, so it will be applied to everyone by default.
# WE RECOMMEND KEEPING THIS DEFAULT FORMAT (feel free to change anything except the file name).
priority: 100
  text: '<gray>[Member]</gray>'
    - '<gray>%player_name% Information:</gray>'
    - '<gray>Balance: &f%vault_eco_balance%</gray>'
  click: 'RUN_COMMAND:/list'
  text: " <white>%player_name%</white>"
    - '<gray>%player_name% Information:</gray>'
    - '<gray>Balance: </gray><white>%vault_eco_balance%</white>'
  click: 'RUN_COMMAND:/list'
  text: ' %advancedchat_tag%: '
    - ''
  click: ''
  text: '%message%'
    - 'This is a message sent by %player_name%'
  click: ''
# Customisable range. If set to 0, range will be disabled.
# Channel range overrides this range and takes a higher priority.
range: 0.0
  • priority: Determines the priority of the format. Higher numbers have higher priority.

  • prefix: Configuration for the prefix displayed before the player name.

    • text: The text of the prefix.

    • tooltip: Hover text shown when the mouse is over the prefix.

    • click: Action to perform when the prefix is clicked.

  • name: Configuration for the player name display.

    • Similar to the prefix, it can have text, tooltip, and click configurations.

  • suffix: Configuration for the suffix displayed after the player name.

  • chat: Configuration for the chat message itself.

  • range: Determines the range in which the chat will be visible. A value of 0 disables range limitations.

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