Prefix Guide

Learn how to design your own prefixes for AdvancedChat!


This guide will help you set up custom chat prefixes using the AdvancedChat plugin for Minecraft, which allows for a highly customizable chat experience incorporating elements like rank names and external data via PlaceholderAPI.

Editing the Prefix Configuration

  1. Location: Navigate to your server's plugin directory at plugins/AdvancedChat/format.

  2. File to Edit: Open the default.yml file where you'll find the prefix settings.

Customizing the Prefix

  • Basic Syntax: Here's a basic prefix configuration example:

  text: '<gray>[Member]</gray>'

Replace [Member] with the desired rank or title.

You can use graphics here from ItemsAdder or Oraxen, we explain placeholders for each here: ItemsAdder,Oraxen

You can even use Gradients here as well Gradients, Toasts & more

  • Adding Hover Text: Enhance prefixes with hoverable texts that provide additional player information. For example:

  - '<gray>%player_name%<white> Information:</white>'
  - '<gray> â€ĸ<white> Balance: <white>%vault_eco_balance%</white>'
  - '<gray> â€ĸ<white> Health: <white>%player_health%/%player_max_health% ❤</white></white>'
  - '<gray> â€ĸ<white> Level: <white>%player_level%</white></white>'
  - '<gray> â€ĸ<white> Playtime: <white>%statistic_hours_played% Hours</white></white>'

Modify this section to display relevant data like balance, health, and playtime. Use PlaceholderAPI to fetch data from other plugins, e.g., town statistics in Towny.

  • Clickable Commands: Make prefixes clickable, providing quick actions such as sending a message:

click: 'SUGGEST_COMMAND:/msg %player_name% '

Adjust the command to suit specific server needs.

Customization Tips

  • Using PlaceholderAPI: Incorporate data from various plugins by using placeholders. For instance, %towny_town_name% could show a player's town in a Towny-enabled server.

  • Color and Formatting: Use Minecraft color codes (<gray>, <white>, etc.) and formatting codes to style the text.

Conclusion Adjust the prefix settings in default.yml to create a personalized and informative chat experience on your Minecraft server. Experiment with different placeholders and formatting to match your server's theme and player needs.

This customization allows you to create a dynamic chat environment that can enhance player interaction and server functionality.

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